Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Pat and I went out into the country on Tuesday for a photoshoot morning. I found this wild flower but before I could snap it along came the visitor, that was an added bonus. Managed to get a few other pics and they may follow on in a few days time.

Aquilegia Bud

Taken in my garden a couple of days ago. If the weather stays warm and sunny it will not be long before it comes into bloom.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Now, The Fence

This is how it looks today, and its raining again. Taken from a slightly different angle to show where the other hedging was. I am now down as far as the bird bath and just a little short of the apple tree, and pleased so far with the result. Want it all done before the really good weather arrives as I like to relax in the recliner with a book and a cool glass of something. That's after all the housework is done of course!!!!!!

The hedge has gone

The dreaded hedge has gone and with 4 men tramping all over the garden removing it, there was a lot of clearing up work to be done. The weather has been so wet etc I have had to wait for some months before really tackling the garden work that was needed. I am now in the process of doing that and it will take another week or two to complete. I have cleared a lot of the area and planted some new shrubs and plants. There has been a lot of digging and moving of earth to this end but it is coming into shape. Thank goodness.
More photos to follow when I take them.
This will explain why I have not been posting in my blog just lately.
The last comment is specially for my blog friend Kathleen, lol.

The Hedge

A view of the back garden and the dreaded hedge before its removal.
There is also another hedge to the right which is also going to be removed.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Geranium Bud

This tiny bud was broken off the plant I bought at the garden centre recently.
I put in water and it is going strong now.